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Papercut 2010.3.3 released!

Have been working on a new take on Papercut (details coming soon) when I noticed that there were several issues opened in Codeplex and a number of patches submitted.  I'd forgotten to enable email notifications!  So decided to sit down and felt some of them merited a new release.  Release notes below.


This release includes a few bug fixes and updates, several of which were contributed patches (thanks!).

  • Feature: Added support for embedded images (patch submitted by jasonpenny)
  • Enhancement: Show an alert when trying to use port that is already in use (Issue #5405)
  • Enhancement: Don't show the options dialog in the taskbar (patch submitted by dukesb11)
  • Fix: Updates to fix issues with multipart messages (Issue #4959, patched submitted by jasonpenny)
  • Fix: Issue with async networking and not handling a disposed object (patch submitted by jasonpenny)
  • Fix: Out dated URL references (Issue #5457, patch submitted by billrob458)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

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