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It's my birthday! Enjoy this coupon for 29% off Trunks!

I was originally only going to mention this on Twitter to keep it more “exclusive”, but then was thinking that my goal is to make it so people can use this and enjoy it, not to limit it.

Today is my birthday… yes, woohoo. 29 years old, one more year left until I exit my “twenties”.

To share in the celebration, I’d added coupon to support to Trunks! For today only, if you sign up for a paid plan with Trunks, enter the coupon code “29bday” and get 29% off the price! Be sure to click “Apply” to get it applied. Get it while you can.

To convert to a paid plan, simply visit your profile and it will have a recommended plan on the sidebar. Click over to purchase it, and the coupon box is on the right side bar there as well.

BETA USERS: Beta users at Trunks already get a 25% discount when they upgrade, and the birthday coupon can be stacked on top of the 25% beta discount! The 29% will not be based on the original purchase price, but the discounted one. Normally coupons cannot be stacked, but I wanted this one to be stackable without making deeper changes to the cart.

Remember, its “29bday” for 29% off. Coupon expires at 12:00am tomorrow morning, Pacific Daylight Time.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

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