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Where do your loyalties lay?

I’ve been reading through Rework and enjoying it quite a bit. They are quite vocal in their dislike of businesses thinking they need to take VC money, and especially in flipping businesses.

Divvyshot just had their public release at the beginning of March, and barely a month later, they’re now acquired by Facebook and shutting down. They recently announced their shutdown timeline and in 6 weeks, they will be done. Of course, they’re going to be working on new stuff at Facebook, but it does raise some interesting points.

They’d only been in open for a little over a year, and in business for a month (“in business” as in public and being a paid service… making money like a business), and now they’re acquired and shutting down.

Even if you aren’t building a business with an exit strategy already set, where do your loyalties lay? Is it in the service that you are building, or is it in the idea behind your service? And which is better?

If your loyalties are to your business and your service, then the last thing you’d want to do would be to get acquired knowing you’ll be shut down. Even if you’ll get to work on the same stuff again at the new job, you’ll be starting over and abandoning what you’ve already built.

If your loyalties are with the idea, then it doesn’t matter where you’re working on it at. Getting acquired by a company like Facebook give you more funding, more resources, and able to reach a larger audience. However since the service you just built is secondary, you do end up screwing over the user base your already reached in order to have a larger base of potential users.

I tend to lean towards loyalties to your own business. Flipping, especially so early on, only screws your users. I can see the positive reasons the Divvyshot founders are likely looking at, however if I was a paid users, I’d likely be looking for a refund and have a bit of a foul taste in my mouth.

Aside from that… I don’t really want all my photos within Facebook and likely won’t consider using it once its in Facebook. I don’t believe in “one service to rule them all”. I prefer services with a set focus.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

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