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Tool Enlightenment, Part 2

I started typing a follow up post about my experiences with vim, but then as I was adding a line about not throwing gasoline on the holy war that I was doing exactly that. I was creating the stereotypical holy war inflamatory post.

My main point in the previous post was about finding the tools that worked best for you, and ignoring the FUD from everyone else.

So with that, I spent a week with vim, watched several screencasts, pulled in several plugins, and gave it a solid week of not using emacs and resisting TextMate. At the end of that week, I’ve decided I’m more at home in emacs.

The reasons are basically mute, especially since I’m trying to push for people to find out for themselves. It is counter intuitive to give a now slanted opinion while telling you to ignore it.

Monday, October 25, 2010

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