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Joining Apcera - Building Something From Scratch

This morning I realized I never really updated my blog after changing jobs a few months ago. Back in June, I posted to the blog about joining Apcera, though never actually made a personal post about the change.

Earlier in the year, I had the opportunity to meet Derek Collison. Can read the blog post about why it made sense to merge the two. On a personal point of view, I was also drawn to the opportunity to get back to an early stage, highly motivated, build something fresh kind of startup.

My first profession gig right after college was at Telligent and I started when the company was just a month old. The early years at Telligent are amung the most memoriable of my career and a lot of that stemed from the energy at the company. A combination of the team transending to feeling like a family, building a great product out of nothing, and truly being energetic and dedicated to the goal. All of us ate, slept, and drank the product in those early years.

Since then, I’ve grown and learned a lot, however most of my work since has been on already established products and later-stage startups. Typically when you start needing Operations people, or people to do scaling/performance work, you already have something that is generating that need.

Working with Derek presented itself as a really unqiue chance. The team of people he was gathering together was truly awesome with strong backgrounds. It would be a tremendous chance ot learn from my peers. On top of that, he had the financial backing to be able to carry it through. He had plenty of experience from building Cloud Foundry and talking with clients, and his goals for Apcera’s products were pushing the status quo and appealing as a challenge.

It was almost one of those “if I could do that again knowing what I know now” type chances. Do an early stage startup again, build something incredible from scratch. Two of the biggest motivators for me are fulfillment from building something with my own hands and tackling the kind of challenging problem that your first reaction is “yeah, I think I could do that” followed by you staring into space while starting to think about how.

It has been a littl over two and a half months at Apcera and it as been amazing so far. We’re deep in code building what we’ve been envisioning. I am definitely eager to spill the beans, but until then I can only offer a slight preview.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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